organise us is a creative
studio for social good


We are communication, campaign, digital, data and design specialists. We craft creative solutions and share our skills, offering in-depth training programs across digital strategy, tools, data management, design and organising.


organiseus Digital Intensive


The biggest challenge facing people working towards social change is access to hands-on training in the skills, tools and tactics to run effective campaigns. OrganiseUs is changing that. 

The OrganiseUs Digital Intensive training curriculum has been compiled by Australia's best trainers, organisers and campaigners, in collaboration with the New Organizing Institute in Washington, DC, Campaign Bootcamp in London, and through the generous support of NationBuilder and Oxfam Australia.


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who we are


A team of passionate and experienced communication specialists, digital strategists, storytellers and designers who saw the need for creative content, and a comprehensive digital training program for people who want to change the world for good.